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Fixing Electricity Lines

A HUB of automation control panels and power distribution boards

Automation cabinets

Eplan ProPanel certified hub of serial and custom-designed, built to meet the specific requirements and specifications control panels and power distribution boards chosen by machine builders, factories and engineering companies from across the globe. 


Our designed in 3D control panels and switchboards allows clients to see a complete picture of their product and do adjustments to have a maximum efficient product. Our engineers can design automation control panels and switchboards that are safe, reliable, and effective for their intended applications.


Assembled control panels typically include a range of components such as PLC, HMI, relays, switches, sensors, motor starters, power supplies, pneumatics and communication modules. Control panels can be customized to suit the specific requirements of the application they are intended for. 


We conduct thorough testing to verify proper operation and compliance with the design specifications. Test each circuit, function, and safety feature to ensure that they operate as intended. Make any necessary adjustments that comes later from the client and perform commissioning on site worldwide. 

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