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Expertise of different industries in one place 

Either you have a need of complete system integration or just in some parts of it like only engineering, PLC, SCADA, HMI, you should have a talk with us! We are very good at it. 


We specialize in the design, development, implementation, and maintenance of automated systems within different industries. Working closely with manufacturers and industrial businesses we streamline processes, increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve overall productivity through the integration of automation technologies.


  • Engineering - the forefront of technological innovation. We are constantly challenged to develop new solutions to complex problems and push the boundaries of what is possible. No matter whether it’s food, pharmaceutical, wood or petrochemical industry, we have experts in each of it. Being certified organization by Rittal Eplan ProPanel, we enable our clients to see their project in 3D and maximize the efficiency of it.

  • PLC - before our programmers start coding, we discuss with the client the requirements of the automation system. We analize the process to be automated, identify inputs and outputs and define the desired behavior of the system. We code in main languages and with main brands (Siemens, Scheider, Rockwell, ABB, Allen Bradley) no matter whether it’s a  modification or upgrade of already existing code or a program from scratch should be created. 

  • SCADA - it plays a vital role in modern industrial automation by providing operators with real-time visibility and control over complex processes. First we analyze the process, identify key parameters to monitor, define control strategies, and understand the desired user interface for operators. We also designing HMI that operators use to interact with the system. Our strength is our very good understanding of industrial processes, control theory, and human-machine interaction, as well as proficiency in the specific SCADA software platform being used.

  • BMS – our computer-based control system installed in buildings manages and monitors various mechanical and electrical equipment: control of HVAC, lightning, power monitoring and management, security access and control, water management, environmental monitoring, CTS.

System integration

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