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Limitless Possibilities in industrial, civil and infrastructure sectors

Engineering & Installation

We are certified company for electrical engineering and installation works for up to 35kv for different industries. Vast international experience enables us to contribute on projects from nuclear to regular housing projects.  


Our engineering department plays a crucial role in various industries, contributing to the design, development, and maintenance of electrical systems, devices, and infrastructure:


  • power plants

  • substations

  • transformers

  • buildings (i.e. hospitals, schools, houses)

  • production facilities 

  • transportations infrastructure


These industries showcase the diverse applications of our electrical engineering, highlighting the field's versatility and capabilities of ENERG K’s engineering department. Whether it's improving infrastructure, enhancing communication, advancing healthcare, or powering innovation, our engineers play a vital role in shaping the world around us.


Electrical installation encompasses a wide range of activities, including planning, designing, wiring, testing, and commissioning electrical systems to ensure safety, reliable, and compliance with electrical codes and standards that are applicable in different countries. 


Our electrical engineers and electricians collaborate closely with architects, building designers, contractors, and facility managers to ensure that electrical installations meet safety, performance, and regulatory requirements.

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